How it works

WordMaker Naming Software offers different naming techniques and a wide range of features that help you to create company names, product names, domain names and many more.

With the latest version of WordMaker you can:

  • Connect keywords related to your business to a powerful built-in database containing over 20,000 words and combining forms from English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
  • Create blends and compounds
  • Combine words or parts of words
  • Combine pre-made word lists of semantic fields, affixes, synonyms and related words
  • Model names by adding vowels and/or consonants
  • Create names according to your own schemes
  • Mix the letters within a word
  • Choose a name from a list of name ideas sorted by length or field of activity (e.g. Beauty, Computers, Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, ...)

WordMaker includes the following tools:


CONNECTER is designed to join particular keywords related to your business, product or domain to a powerful built-in database containing words and prefixes/suffixes from five languages (e.g. BioLife, AquaLife, TechnoLife etc.). You can create thousands of new names with a click.

Connecter also includes a tool that creates blends (portmanteau words), merging words that have common letters: aroma + pharmaceuticals = aromaceuticals; comfort + euphoria = comforia; smart + partner = smartner.

COMBINER links words, both entirely and in segments.

You can combine your own keywords or use more than 60 built-in lists of words, roots and combining forms.

You have also the possibility to combine parts of entered words. Thus you will create combinations that are unique and at the same time specific to your business!

E.g. delicious, aromatic, dolce + candy = dolcy, aromandy, cando, dolca, delicidy, candolce etc.

MODELATOR allows you to create names according to your own schemes.

You can reshape any word by adding or replacing Vowels and Consonants (e.g. eventVC = eventis, eventum etc.; viCVva = vidava, vizuva, viriva etc.) or create names by structures (e.g. Consonant - Vowel - Consonant - Vowel - Consonant).

MIXER is thought-out to create names by mixing the letters of a word. You can find unique names for your products or domains that can be related to your business name, personal name or any word you like most.

E.g. travel = ravelt, levart, terval, arvelt, lertav etc.

And that's not all! When you have a lack of ideas, use RELAXER. WordMaker comes packed with over 10,000 name ideas sorted by fields of activity or length. Just choose the one you like!


WordMaker gives you all the functionality you need to put your ideas into practice. Give it a try!


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