What Kind of Names Exist

Names can be classified into two different categories: Real and Invented

REAL NAMES - common words or common word combinations:

  • Descriptive - names with clear meanings which describe some aspects, characteristics or qualities of the products or services. E.g. Car Motors, Red Wines, Cruise Travels.
  • Associative - existing words which suggest or refer to the goods or services, but do not literally describe them; words used in new ways, working through indirect associations (images, symbols, metonymies or metaphors). E.g. Fresh System (air conditioning firm), Smart Way (transportation company).
  • Arbitrary - existing words that do not bear a connection with the products, services or companies they identify. E.g. Mango (video solutions agency), Tigers (training providers).
  • Compounds* - names which consist of two existing words put together. E.g. Transbridge, Aqualife, Multilink.
  • *WordMaker includes a great tool that generates thousands of new compound names from 5 languages.
  • Personal Names/Surnames/Geographical Names. E.g. Thompson & Richardson, Tom Burter Ltd.

INVENTED NAMES - made-up words:

  • Blends* - names formed from parts of two words and whose meaning shares or combines the meanings of the source words. E.g. Twingo (Twist + Tango), Skylliance (Sky + Alliance).
  • *WordMaker includes two efficient tools - Create blends and Truncate keywords - which help you in generating a great many of wonderful names of this category. Moreover, Combiner offers you brainwaves and various name suggestions by semantic fields (Beautiful, Intelligence, Beneficial, and many more).
  • Fanciful names* - names with no obvious meanings, with indefinite or obscure origins (these are the most distinctive and trademarkable names). E.g. Tilma, Bonimo, Furodil.
  • *Virtually all WordMaker's name building features churn out fanciful names.
  • Acronyms/Initials - IBM (International Business Machine), BP (British Petroleum).
  • Tweaked names* - words that have been slightly changed in spelling, usually with a letter replaced or added. E.g. The Beatles, Protecta
  • *Go to Modelator and see how a little change can work wonders. Go to Mixer and get all possible letter permutations.